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Founded in 1952, Anchor Bolt & Supply, Co. was established to provide the Permian Basin region of West Texas a readily available source of threaded fasteners.

The economy of the region required a complete inventory on the shelf ready for use. Sixty years later, not a lot has changed in that regard. When the Oil & Gas industry needs their fasteners, they need them now. Anchor Bolt & Supply, Co. was there to meet that need in '52, and we're still meeting that need 60 years later.

Anchor Bolt carries a huge inventory of threaded fasteners. Over 14,000 line items are on the shelf in Odessa, Texas. But don't be fooled. We don't carry them all. That's why we have an extensive field of vendors available to find that item that nobody has but somebody needs. With all the express freight shipments that are available, we can certainly meet your need on whatever time basis you require. We also have access to some of the best manufacturers to make that part that nobody has.

Really, though, anyone can have a big inventory. What makes Anchor Bolt different? It's the service. Our goal is the same as it was in 1952. Meet the customer's need. How do we excel in this area? With over 100 years of service experience available on our sales force. By offering same day shipments on every item out of our stock. By offering 24 hour service at no extra charge. By offering bolt bin and inventory service so you don't have to spend your time on the "little stuff". We are the little stuff.

Please let Anchor Bolt & Supply be your fastener supplier. Contact us today.

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